Yuvraj Singh remembers his chat with Andrew Flintov before killing Stuart Brod for 6 sixes

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Former multifunctional Indian Yuvraj Singh

Former captain of India MS Dhoni was “very happy” at the end of the non-striker, said Eugene Singh, recalling his brutal attack on English pacemaker Stuart Broad during the 2007 T20 World Cup.

Eugene, who measured the ball with perfection, knocked Broad for six sixes and became the only batsman to do so at T20 International. The left-hander was the first Indian batsman and second overall after South African Herschel Gibbs, who achieved a feat in international cricket.

Yuvraj also revealed the chat he had with the Englishman Andrew Flintoff, just minutes before the world witnessed six highs with so many deliveries.

“I think MS was very happy. If you’re the captain and the other person just hits six after six, you’re just happy that the score increases and the game you have to win, “Yuvraj told Gaurav Kapoor in the 22 Yarn podcast.

“I remember hitting two good boundaries by Flintov, which he obviously didn’t like. He told me something and I answered something. It was a pretty serious fight at the time. The referees came in. I just felt like he wanted to hit every ball in the park. “, revealed Yuvraj.

The former Indian wagon achieved a magnificent half century of 12 balls, while India finished the match with 18 tracks. The Dhoni team continued to win the inaugural T20 show, defeating Pakistan’s rivals in the final at Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg.

Nearly 14 years after his massacre in Durban, Yuvraj revealed that Paul Collingwood told Broad to bow outside the stump as the border is larger in the region.

“Fortunately, the first ball I hit (outside Broad) went out of the park. The second ball I hit went into the crowd. The third ball I hit over the point where I hadn’t even hit the limit in my career. Collingwood came and told Broad to keep my bowling alley out because it was big outside.

“But Broad thought he was bowling at my feet. So when he decided to do it, I knew he was in trouble. The fifth ball hit my bat’s finger, it was a small line that crossed Flint’s. The sixth ball I knew “He has to take a Yorker. So I was ready to hit him straight and he was in my arc,” said Yuvraj.

“My first look was at Flintov, and I smiled impudently at him. My second look was at Dimitri Mascarenias as something that told him that the results were settled and then I obviously did the first pump with Donnie. In fact, it didn’t register me that I hit six sixes. For me, it was all about settling the results with England, “he added.



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