YouTube now checks for copyright issues before posting a video

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YouTube includes a new feature in YouTube Desktop Studio that checks for copyright infringement when a user uploads a video to the video sharing platform. To make money from your YouTube videos, you must strictly adhere to copyright laws. The video-sharing platform, along with copyright owners, actively investigates any violations of the law that may result in the video being downloaded or even banned from the channel. YouTube will check for copyright infringement before the video is uploaded, to avoid any such case once the content has been uploaded. YouTube Studio has also been spotted with another new feature – real-time subscriber count.

Soon tweeting by @MattNavarra, shows the new feature available to the creators of YouTube Studio. The new Checks feature, as the name suggests, checks for copyrighted content that has been uploaded Google video sharing platform before the video is uploaded. It uses YouTube’s Content ID system, which scans content against a copyrighted database and reports if anything is found. This system will check for copyright infringement before the video is uploaded, not after, allowing creators to make changes to the content before it is published.

YouTube has confirmed the release of Checks on YouTube support page, such as noticed from XDA developers, noting: “You can use the Checks page to screen your video for copyright claims and, if you’re in the YouTube Partner Program, eligible for ads. Copyright checks allow you to dispute a claim or edit and correct the video if problems are found. Ad fitness checking allows you to request a human review if you believe our systems have made a mistake. These checks help you learn about potential limitations so you can refer to them before posting. “

While this system may not be able to correct the whole problem of copyright infringement, it is definitely a step forward in reducing the number of problems. However, even if the system glows green for copyright infringement content, copyright owners can still tag the content after it has been uploaded, so they are unlikely to affect copyright trolling in the future. But this will help creators remove all copyrighted data from their content to reduce the risk of banning or demonetizing.

While trying to test the feature, Gadgets 360 could not see it, but YouTube noted that the spread of the feature will be slow. “We’re slowly introducing this feature. If you have access, you’ll see bookmarks as an option in the upload stream.” When made available to everyone, this should help reduce the risk for creators of delaying their accounts by mistake.

YouTube Studio now shows the number of subscribers in real time on the right side of the page

Meanwhile, 9to5Google announces a new feature noticed in the YouTube Studio desktop application, which shows creators the number of subscribers in real time on the Creator Dashboard, in the Analysis section. We were able to find the feature ourselves, and its introduction will remove the trust of the creators so far in third-party applications for tracking such numbers.

In other news related to YouTube, the video sharing platform announced that it will begin to deduct taxes from creators outside the United States. This is intended only for revenue generated by their viewers based in the United States. However, the new provisions on these taxes do not apply to creators in the United States.

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