“You keep your ex-captain really close to your heart”: Collie opens, leveling Donnie’s captain’s record

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Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni

India skipper They grow kohli has a chance to surpass the former captain MS DhoniThe captain’s record in the third test against England, which should start on Wednesday at the newly built Mottera Stadium in Ahmedabad.

With India’s all-encompassing victory to level the series in the second test against Chennai, Koli has already equaled MS Dhoni’s record for most victories by an Indian captain at home.

Currently, Dhoni and Kohli are tied with 21 wins and the latter has a chance to take first place in the next two tests. Currently, Donnie and Kohli sit at the top with 21 victories, followed by Mohammad Azjarudin with 13 victories and Surav Ganguli with 10.

  1. MS Dhoni – 21 wins
  2. Virat Kohli – 21 victories
  3. Mohamed Azjarudin – 13 victories
  4. Sourav Ganguly – 10 wins

Before the long-awaited pink ball test, Collie made it clear that such “fickle” things didn’t matter to him as an individual.

“These are a lot of fickle things that probably look great on the outside, comparing two individuals, and that’s something people on the outside like to do all the time.

“But it really doesn’t matter to any of us to be very honest, because the mutual respect and understanding and camaraderie we have as teammates or with your former captain is something you really hold dear,” Collie told a news conference. before the match.

India must win a 2-1 or 3-1 series to qualify for the WTC final, and a draw in the final game will suffice if the hosts win the day in Ahmedabad.

“We’re not looking to win one and draw one, we’re winning both. For us, these are two cricket games and the only thing we’re focused on. What it does after that is talk about it later,” Collie said in answer to a question about the World Test Championship.

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