You can indulge in a burger, ice cream after a great day on the field: Santner

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You can indulge in a burger, ice cream after a great day on the field: Santner

Spinner for the left hand of New Zealand Mitchell Santner feels that the cricketer can be pampered with ice cream or a burger, “if you (had) a big day on the field”.

The 29-year-old Santner, who took 41 goals in 23 tests, is currently on the Black Hats team in England for a series of two tests against the hosts on June 2 and the final of the World Test Championship (WTC) against India on June 18.

Asked if he could be rewarded with a “cheating dish” after five times, what would that be, Santner told “If we won the match, it could be McDonald’s and a few beers after that. I’m sure everyone will be in the same boat on our team (after that). If you have a big day in the field, you can get ice cream. “

Santer said his all-time favorite was a beef burger.

“Getting a beef burger was a little difficult during the lock, but I try to have it a few times a week. Two or three times a week max,” said the cricketer, who has taken 75 ODI wickets from so many outings. “

He rates the Lord’s menu as the best among cricket places.

“Overseas, definitely to the Lord. They also have a three-course meal and dessert. It can be quite difficult when you’re in the field, and you only have 40 minutes to try (everything). If you eat three-course meals (for lunch) “You generally go spinning in the field a little slow. But generally the spinners don’t fight right after noon, so you can relax. When you’re in New Zealand, it has to be Sedan Park (in Hamilton). It’s just my local,” he said. he said.



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