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Xbox Cloud Gaming is available for iOS devices, Windows 10 computers

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Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming service (formerly xCloud) is now available on iOS devices and Windows 10 computers for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. Back in April, the company announced a beta version just to invite Xbox Cloud Gaming to iOS devices and computers, and is now available to everyone in 22 countries. IOS and PC users will be able to use Xbox Cloud Gaming through their browser if they have a decent internet connection. There are over 100 games in the Xbox Cloud Gaming library that players can currently access if they have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

Xbox Cloud Gaming Vice President and Product Manager, Catherine Gluckstein, shared via blog post that Xbox Cloud Gaming is now available to Game Pass Ultimate subscribers who have computers running Windows 10 or iOS, including the iPhone and iPad. Users will need to use their browsers Microsoft Edge,, Google Chrome, or Safari use Xbox Cloud Gaming and access over 100 games. The Verge succeeded let it work on macOS, as well as via Safari and Chrome. The service is currently available in 22 countries, including Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, USA and others. India, unfortunately, is not on the list.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is now powered by Xbox Series X that Microsoft calls upgrade to Xbox’s most powerful hardware. This means that while the game is streaming to your local device, it is actually running on Xbox hardware in a data center. The company says this will allow gamers to experience streaming games with 1080p at speeds of up to 60 frames per second on the “widest devices”.

Xbox Cloud Gaming can be tested on compatible devices using touch controls or supported controllers or even the Backbone One controller for iOS. As mentioned earlier, players must have a subscription to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which costs $ 14.99 (approximately Rs 1,100) in the US. Microsoft currently has a big discount, reducing the price to just $ 1 (approximately Rs. 75) and not only that, buying a one-month subscription gives you two extra months for free. In India the Game Pass Ultimate usually costs Rs. 699 per month, but Microsoft offers the same offer here, giving a three-month subscription for Rs only. 50, although Indian users will still not be able to experience Xbox Cloud Gaming.

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