WTC Final The ICC should introduce neutral curators for the next cycle: Mohinder Amarnath

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Image source: BCCI

Indian cricket team

Former universal Indian player Mohinder Amarnath wants the ICC to introduce neural curators and ensure that the winner is determined in the next round of the World Test Championship.

Amarnat said the games, which ended in two days, such as the day-night test against England in Ahmedabad, were not fair competition. “You have to play a quality wicket. When you play on a quality wicket, it doesn’t matter where you play. Then this is a fair race.

“The ICC must form a group of neutral curators, as they consider neutral referees. This team must follow the ICC’s instructions and ensure that the game passes on the fifth day,” Amarnat told PTI on Friday.

The WTC’s mace would be shared if the final between India and New Zealand ended in a draw or a draw. Amarnat believes that this is another aspect that the ICC needs to change in the next cycle.

“The final means that there can be no joint winners in any sport. Whether it’s one game or the best of three finals. They have to finish the final.”

India currently needs fast bowling like Amarnat Hardik Pandya left out of the test team due to his inability to bowle regularly. The 70-year-old man said it was the hardest to produce this breed.

“They don’t just come. They come once a decade or once every 20 years. I’m sure someone will come, but it will come from the longer version of the game,” he said.



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