WTC final The fate of the winners remains uncertain if IND v NZ ends in a draw: Report

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Picture of a Virat Collie file with Kane Williamson

There is a lot of confusion among fans and experts about who will not take the trophy from the first World Cup if the final match between New Zealand and India ends in a draw. And while everyone remains in the dark of Test’s fate, the International Cricket Council is reviewing the final state of the game in the final on June 18 in Southampton, reports the Times of India.

Earlier, the ICC suggested on its website that an extra day would be reserved for the final if the match ended in a draw. However, the rules were later changed to declare both teams joint champions if this is a dead end.

The ICC has now clarified to the TOI that the reserve day is only used if the scheduled 30 hours of cricket in the first five days are lost due to bad weather or other reasons.

“The idea was to ensure that the match would be played in the 30s for the first five days. And the reserve day will take effect only if a total of 30 hours is not played during the first five days. That would mean that the result was less likely to be affected by time, “said an ICC source.

The official further added that the idea of ​​announcing joint winners is not good for the ICC and the members will host a meeting and discuss what would be the ideal rule for maximum results and should come out by this week.

“The idea of ​​having common winners also doesn’t sit very well, as this is the first time the WTC final is being played. So there must be open maximum options to get a result from the match. The ICC committee is working on it, it has to come out this week “, added the source.



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