WTC Final: Shami hints at a safe approach on Day 6

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Indian athlete Mohamed Shami celebrates after taking Tuesday in New Saudi Arabia in Southampton.

India will set a goal for New Zealand only after getting enough “spare tracks” on the last day of the final of the World Test Championship, senior step Mohamed Shami said on Tuesday, hinting that the team would take a “safety first” approach.

India won 64 for 2 on the stump on the fifth day with a 32-fold lead. Skipper Virat Kohli and forged Cheteshwar Pujara they were in the fold.

“We lost a lot of time due to rain. So there is no discussion as such at all. We have just started our second inning and we have to let go of the board,” Shami, India’s man with four wickets, told a news conference.

“We have to score as many points as possible and then see how much time is left to put them in and decide accordingly. In conditions like England, anything can happen, but we just can’t have a preliminary plan that we can we have to have 10 wickets and some solid plans. But first, we have to have enough spare tracks, “said Shami, which meant that the Indians would have nothing against equality in the current circumstances.

Shami was the chosen Indian bowler on the fifth day and he was happy that the plans he wanted to fulfill turned out well.

“Obviously, while playing the test match, you can’t stick to one plan for five days. You have to be flexible and adjust the lines to the track. We had to put together those strict lines that are good for the team to limit “New Zealand as little as possible. So the pressure boosted and we got doors in the clutches,” he said.

A bowling captain, the speed veteran is happy to have been able to fulfill his duty effectively.

“Whenever I’m given responsibility, I do my best. Whatever the situation, I know what the captain wants and then I follow his instructions. I’ve always been an attacking bowler who goes for cassettes.”

And he regretted missing five.

“When you play for India, you don’t have such regrets. You can’t think about personal stages.”



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