WTC Final: ICC must come up with a formula for finding a winner in case of a draw, Gavascar says

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Photo of a file by Sunil Gavaskar.

Former India captain Sunil Gavaskar believes the ICC must find a way to determine a winner should the rain-hit final of the India-New Zealand World Cup end in a draw. The ongoing match is influenced by English time with the opening and the fourth day is completely washed away, while the game is often disrupted due to poor light.

Although there is a spare day, but without the opportunity to play for two of the first four days, the match may end in a draw if the bad weather continues to play spoilsport.

“There has to be a formula for choosing a winner in the event of a World Cup final draw. The ICC cricket commission has to think and then make a decision,” Gavascar told Aaj Tak.

There is unlikely to be any change in the rules in this edition, as the ICC made it clear last month that India and New Zealand will share the trophy in the event of a tie or draw.

“It looks like the World Cup final will end in a draw and the trophy will be shared. This will be the first time the trophy has been shared in the final,” Gavascar said. “Completing three innings in two days would be really difficult. Yes, if both teams fight really badly, the three innings can be completed.”

So far, a total of 141.1 covers have been drawn in the WTC final and with 196 more matches per match, a result is possible if time allows.

The former skipper called on the ICC to find a breaker to determine the winner and cited examples of other sports such as football and tennis.

“In football, they take penalties or have some other method of determining the winner. There are five sets in tennis and there is a tie-breaker,” he said. India were united for 217 in their first passes and New Zealand were 101 for 2, still trailing by 116 runs.



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