Wriddhiman Saha barely questions the tightness of the IPL bubble, says the UAE would be a better venue

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Wriddhiman Saha

Forged goalkeeper-whip Wriddhiman Saha has indicated that the bio – bubble for IPL-14 was not as smooth as the one in the UAE last year, becoming India’s first player to publicly question, albeit subtly, the tightness of the controlled environment.

Saha, 36, was among the players infected with the terrible virus before the IPL stumbled sharply in the middle of its 14th season, after numerous cases of COVID-19 were reported in its bio-bubble.

In an interview with PTI, Sakha spoke about the breakthrough of bio-bubbles in India and said it would be better if the IPL took place in the UAE, as last year.

“The job of stakeholders is to evaluate it, but the only thing I would say is that during our training in the UAE (last year) there were no people or ground staff.

“There will be people here, children peeking from the nearby walls. I don’t want to comment much, but we saw how the IPL went smoothly in the UAE in 2020 and then started in India this year with increasing cases,” Saha said.

The Bengali veteran arrived at his home in Kolkata after completing a two-week quarantine at a hotel in Delhi to make himself available for selection for the upcoming tour in England.

Regarding the bio-bubble, he added: “I don’t know what would happen, but I definitely think it would be better in the UAE this time as well. Stakeholders need to study it.”

Saha had passed the COVID-19 test on May 4, the day the 2021 edition of the tournament was suspended indefinitely. He said he has now fully recovered and is not feeling any weakness.

“I do all the normal activities, there is no fatigue, body aches or any weakness. But I will actually get to know how my body is doing when I go into the actual match training mode.”

Recalling his battle with the virus, he said: “I had a mild fever for the first few days, I lost the smell after five days, but it came back within four days.

“It was about spending time with family, friends (virtually), catching up with some carefree movies and maintaining a good place. I’ve never been mentally upset or depressed. I was just normal.

“I’m doing some fitness routines at home right now, but the real fitness workout will start once I join the team in Mumbai,” he concluded.



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