Women in India suffer 1-2 defeats from Belarus

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After a good performance against Uzbekistan, India started at a high pace in the first half.

The Indian women’s soccer team suffered a 1-2 defeat by Belarus in its second international friendly here on Thursday.

While the two sides played evenly in the first half, Belarus took the lead with a penalty from Shupo Nastasia in the 66th minute, before Pilipenka Hanna doubled her lead with a 78-minute shot. Indian Sangita Basfore pulled one deep in added time.

After a good performance against Uzbekistan, India started at a high pace in the first half and almost took the lead within three minutes when Soumya Guguloth’s shot from outside hit the crossbar of Belarus.

Striker Pyari Xaxa managed to get his head in the ricochets, but her efforts went over the goal and went out of play.

Anju Tamang, playing in the right position of full-back, often raids the opposition zone. Not only did she help with the attack, but Anju also came back to make a few key blocks and affect a few turnovers she owns.

For about a quarter of an hour, Manisha passed through several defenders and made his way into the opposition zone before coming down after being pressed by the defenders of Belarus. However, the referee waved the game to continue.

Minutes later, Belarus had a great opportunity to score when midfielder Pilipenka Hanna was brought out. She passed her shot past the goalkeeper, but Indian defender Ranjana Chanu recovered well in time to clear the danger.

India head coach Meimol Rocky met with experienced defender Ashalata Devi at the end of the first half, taking Sumia in her place as the two sides headed to the locker rooms at the level of the scoreboard.

Belarus took the initiative after the substitution when they managed to push the ball into the Indian net, but the referee soon signaled, signaling that one of their attackers was in an offside position during the accumulation.

However, India soon began to settle in the second half. A minute after the clock, Manisha Kalyan rose up the left flank to enter the opposition zone and send a low cross. However, he slipped to the striker Pyari Xaxa, who tried in vain to get a vital touch of the ball.

Minutes later, however, Belarus was awarded a penalty after one of their attackers was sentenced to foul in the Indian box. Shupo Nastasia passed the ball to the left of Aditi Chauhan, who had sunk in the right direction, but the ball was out of range.

Belarus doubled their lead 10 minutes later when Pilipenka Hanna was brought into the Indian penalty area and she squeezed her shot between the goalkeeper and a nearby crossbar as the ball hit an upright position and spun.

India seemed determined to return to the game after that, and Indumati immediately found Manisha on the left with a piercing ball. The latter pulled the trigger after the sprint in the box of Belarus, but her efforts were saved.

With about five minutes of adjustment time left on the clock, India won a free kick near the region of Belarus. Sangita Basfore stood over the dead ball and ran her ties through it, but her effort was inches wide.

Basfore returned it late in added time when he pulled the trigger from about 30 yards.

Belarus’s goalkeeper managed to score a glove on this, but Sangita’s shot hit too hard when the ball bounced off the goalkeeper’s gloves and entered the net.



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