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Windows 11 will come with the ability to run Android apps

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Windows 11 comes later this year and will not only bring a whole new user experience, but will also allow users to launch Android apps. Microsoft showed how it provides support for Android applications on Windows 11 through a quick demonstration during its virtual conference on Thursday. Redmond has partnered with Amazon to integrate the Amazon Appstore into the Microsoft Store to allow Android apps to be downloaded to Windows 11 computers. However, the new operating system will also include Intel’s own compiler to run, which will initially launch Android on Windows computers.

Microsoft demonstrated Android applications, including TikTok which come to Windows 11 via the Amazon Appstore. “Windows customers will be able to find Android apps in Microsoft Storeand acquire them through the Amazon Appstore, ”Microsoft said in a blog post.

In addition to supply Amazon Appstore within the Microsoft Store for downloading Android applications, Microsoft has partnered Intel to use Intel Bridge technology to offer support for mobile applications on Windows computers. This will allow users to run Android applications on their Windows 11 machines, even when they are not part of the Appstore.

Post-compiler technology in particular will not be limited to devices based on Intel processors, but will also work with HAND and AMD machines such as reports from The Verge.

“Intel Bridge technology is a post-build runtime that allows applications to run natively on x86-based devices, including running those applications on x86-based devices. Windows, ”Intel said in a press release confirming widespread support for launching Android applications on Windows devices.

It is currently unclear whether the new experience will be available to run all Android apps or will be limited to some. Microsoft also did not provide any clarity on whether users would be able to install Android applications directly from their APK files or would require some extra effort.

However, the latest moves by Microsoft have clearly shown that the manufacturer of Windows is striving to take over Apple that recently introduced iOS app support on macOS.

Earlier, Microsoft also showed interest in enabling connectivity between Android users and Windows machines from launch your phone application. It too is offered an even better integration with Samsung Galaxy devices.

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