Why we won’t have a review of “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”

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“The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” – the next series from Marvel Studios – premieres on Friday on Disney + and Disney + Hotstar around the world, including India. Like WandaVision, The Falcon and Winter Soldier will air new episodes each week. But unlike WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier has only six episodes. However, they work longer – each episode will last 40-50 minutes. Prior to the premiere, Disney gave critics access to “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” episode 1 for review. But I’m not going to review the new Marvel series yet. That’s why. There are no spoilers here, don’t worry.

Each review you see there is based on their experience of watching only one episode out of a total of six. Watching an episode is like watching about 17 percent of The falcon and the winter soldier. For me, this is not enough to make a proper review. By comparison, it’s like watching 20 minutes a miracle film – they usually last two hours – and release a review. Some movies are slow at first and improve later, while others start great before succumbing to conspiracies. This also applies to television broadcasts.

Everything you need to know about the falcon and the winter soldier

For the falcon and the winter soldier, Disney considers that reviews cannot be published before Thursday (morning in the US and night in India). The first reviews for the new Marvel series will start arriving at 21:30 IST / 9am PT / 16:00 GMT. Many reviewers will stick to this deadline, and people who want to see how the Falcon and the Winter Soldier started will no doubt find it useful. But my review will only be published after seeing all six episodes. I asked Disney for more episodes, but it wasn’t possible – and although no reason was given, Marvel’s concerns about the spoilers are well known.

That is why, for example, with WandaVision, critics had access to the first three episodes. The fourth episode there was a big revelation that Disney undoubtedly wanted to make sure it remained intact for the most enthusiastic fans.

Not getting all the episodes is actually quite common for many series. The bigger the show, the fewer episodes. With WandaVision, critics saw three of the nine. That’s 30 percent, which is much better, relatively. With Netflix The witch, we had access to the first five episodes out of eight. That’s over 60 percent, even better. It can always be worse. Game of Thrones he didn’t do screening at all – the industry term for movies or television offered at early access – not at all in later seasons (they were also caused by spoilers and piracy).

C Mandalorian season 2, Disney also did not bother to visualize the series. You can do this when you have a baby Yoda.



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