WhatsApp presents new ways to facilitate business on its platform

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WhatsApp has already enabled businesses to create and manage their catalog from WhatsApp web or desktop clients – adding to the same functionality that was previously available on mobile devices. The instant messaging app, owned by Facebook, has also introduced the ability to allow business users to hide items from their catalog that are not available and show them again when they return to stock. Both new changes aim to improve the experience for businesses using WhatsApp as a source to reach their customers.

Because companies often use computers to manage their inventory, WhatsApp has enabled them to create and manage their catalog on the platform directly from their web and desktop clients. “This will be extremely useful for companies with large stocks, such as a restaurant or clothing store, to be able to manage their catalog from a larger screen,” the company said in a press release.

The latest business add-on is available to everyone The WhatsApp Business app users.

WhatsApp presented catalog function of its business application in November 2019 to allow businesses to demonstrate and share their offerings easily on the platform. It claims that people can currently browse more than 8 million business catalogs on WhatsApp, including one million in India alone.

Along with the ability to manage catalogs via desktop computers, WhatsApp offers the option to hide specific catalog items and return them when they are returned to stock or are available to customers.

The business in the WhatsApp Business app can hide an item from the catalog by going to Settings > Business tools > Catalog. The app will show all the items listed in the catalog that can be hidden by tapping the icon for more options (three dots) and then go to Hide > HIDDEN. Business users can also hide group items by tapping and holding one of the items they want to hide until the green check mark appears, and then tap the other items they wanted to hide.

Hidden items can be hidden by going to the product details page and selecting Discover > HIDE after tapping the icon for more options. Business users can also display items in groups by selecting multiple items.

It is important to note that hidden items will still appear in the catalog manager with a “hide icon” above the item’s image. A note will also appear indicating that the item is hidden after you open the product details page.

WhatsApp said it has received requests from businesses to provide an easy way to notify customers of what’s currently available so they don’t receive orders for items that aren’t available or in stock. This eventually led to the arrival of hide and reveal options.

The options for hiding and displaying items in catalogs began to be available for businesses worldwide today.

In December, WhatsApp brought Add to cart button to allow customers to select specific items from business catalogs offered in the messaging app. He also added a shopping button in November to offer businesses the opportunity to show what they need to sell through the app.

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