What not to say to girls on Tinder

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HYDERABAD: First impressions are, when it comes to online dating, almost everything. While you may have caught your match’s eye with your profile, you want to make sure you both get started on the right note.Trust us when we say, the first message you send can make or break the conversation. 

To make things simpler for you, we have put together a quick guide on things you should avoid saying to that girl you matched with on Tinder 

“Hey”: This may seem like a foolproof way to slide into your match’s inbox, but while you are unlikely to offend anyone, you are also unlikely to make yourself memorable. Instead, get a little more personal. Whether it’s a sweet compliment, a relevant icebreaker, or a message that refers to her bio or pictures, you want to show you’re paying attention. If something about her stands out to you, mention it. Sharing similar interests is a good way to start.

“Can we move this over to text?” Of course, there is a point at which you totally should do this, but that point is not within the first five minutes of talking. Asking a girl for her number or on a date before getting to know her even a little bit is a no-go. Ease into a conversation — she’ll be much more inclined to save your number later on.

“You look like…” Commenting on your match’s physical appearance isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but make sure you’re pointing out an appropriate physical attribute. Try a kind word about her eyes or smile but remember, compliments can extend beyond her physical features. For eg: If she has her Spotify linked to her Tinder, you can bring up her excellent musical taste and strike up a more interesting rapport. 

“Why did you Like me?”If you want to hear your match say you’re good-looking, compliment her. Chances are she’ll compliment you right back, and you’ll find out why you caught her eye. A win-win! 

“Your photos are way better than the other trolls I’ve seen on here.” While I get the intent, most women are not fans of people degrading other women as a form of flattery. Compliments that don’t insult other people are the best kinds of compliments; there’s no need to mention other people and spread negativity. Make your match the sole focus instead. A simple, “your photos stopped me in my tracks” will do the trick. 

“Who’s your friend in the last pic? Can you give her my number Needless to say this, but don’t be this guy. You matched with this girl because she is interested in you, so why would she happily pass you off to her friend after you basically overlooked her existence? It’s simple: Don’t Like someone you’re not interested in. 


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