What are all the most promising features of Google’s Android 12?

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Android 12 debuted on Google’s main text I / O 2021 earlier this week. The new version of Android has a list of customizations and bright color effects. Google has also introduced new privacy options for Android 12. In addition to the next-generation Android operating system, Google has introduced a new version of Wear OS in the I / O keynote. Like Android 12, the new Wear OS brings new interface-level changes. It also comes with fitness features coming from Fitbit and optimizations available on Samsung’s Tizen.

In this week’s episode of Gadgets 360 podcast Orbital, host Achilles arora talk to a review editor Jamshed Avari and senior reviewer Sheldon Pinto to discuss Android 12 and Wear the OS messages held in Google I / O 2021.

Android 12 is designed as everything for personalization and personalization. It comes with a whole new visual style that is designed to take on a variety of custom skins that smartphone manufacturers often use on their phones compared to the Android experience. The goal of improving the interface of the new version of Android is to encourage manufacturers to tackle vanilla treatments beyond their own offerings. This is also to give users a reason to look for a smartphone that has a completely stocked interface – like a new Pixel phone, perhaps.

Google also introduced new privacy features coming to Android 12 – some of which look similar to what Apple had iOS 14 in the last few months.

Like Android 12, Wear OS gets a facelift this year, with third-party tiles and the new touch to switch between gesture support for apps. This time, Samsung is also working with Google, offering energy efficiency to Tizen and other features of the new version of Wear OS. Fitbit’s fitness-focused features are also available as an integrated package within the new wearable operating system.

Google I / O 2021 Highlights: Android 12, Wear OS, Maps, Photos Updates; LaMDA, Starline Project announced

In the second half of this week’s orbital episode, Achilles talks to zombie maniacs Ali pardivala and Shayak Majumdar to talk about Zach Snyder’s new zombie thriller – Army of the Dead. The movie is available to watch on Netflix and there is Dave Bautista and Ella Purnell in the lead roles.

The Army of the Dead (which lasted almost two and a half hours) was announced in 2007, but work on it began only in 2019. The plot of the film is in Las Vegas, although it functions more like a video game mission located in a post -apocalyptic western wasteland.

Army of the Dead Review: Zach Snyder’s Netflix Zombie Heist Movie Needs a Bullet in the Brain

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