WFI nominated Ravi Dahia, Deepak Punia for the Arjuna Award

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WFI nominated Ravi Dahia, Deepak Punia for the Arjuna Award

Deepak Punia, Ravi Dahia and 19-year-old Anshu Malik were nominated for the coveted Arjuna Award by the Wrestling Federation of India.

Deepak won a silver medal at the 2019 World Cup in Nur Sultan, while Ravi won bronze along with a ticket to Tokyo.

Both will participate in the upcoming Olympics. Dahia appeared as a strong contender for a medal in the category up to 57 kg at the Games, where he was placed in fourth place.

Meanwhile, Anshu Malik secured the highest podiums in five of the six tournaments that include the Asian title. Sarita Moore has also been nominated for the prestigious award.

“All four fighters have done well and deserve recognition, so we sent their candidacy,” WFI Assistant Secretary Vinod Tomar told PTI.

“We also nominated coaches Vikram, Kuldiip Malik and Sudjet Maan for the Dronacharya Award.”

Kuldeep Malik is already a Dhyanchand Award winner. Sujeet was the freestyle coach of the Indian men’s team; in his playing days he had won four Asian medals.

In the Lifelong Achievement (Dronacharya) category, WFI nominated Jagroop Rathi, RK Hooda and RS Kundu.



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