We know we don’t always have stars: Kane Williamson boasts big-hearted teammates after the WTC triumph

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Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor of New Zealand celebrate the victory as they leave on the back-up day of the final of the ICC World Test Championship between India and New Zealand at The Hampshire Bowl on 23 June

New Zealand skipper Kane Williamson said on Wednesday that winning the World Championship title was “a special achievement to be enjoyed” by his team, which relies on “pieces to be competitive”.

New Zealand humbled India with eight wickets in the final of the two-year event here on Wednesday, and Williamson in a post-match presentation declined to ask if he considered it the greatest moment in the island’s cricket history.

“I was part of (New Zealand cricket) for a short time, it’s a very special feeling, for the first time in our history there was a world title,” he said.

“We have had 22 players in the last two years and they have all played their part, and the support staff and the boys who played this game are a special achievement that should be enjoyed.

“We know we don’t always have the stars, we rely on other pieces to stay in the game and be competitive,” he added.

Much of this commitment was shown against the world number one team in India with bowling Kiwis, an unusual star squad before Williamson and Ross Taylor combined to take the team home in pursuit of 139.

“It’s not always easy in a final, one-time test match, we respect him and all six days he ran and ran, no one really took the lead and reached the last day …,” he said.

“We saw a lot of hearts from the lower ranks who came in and tried to put us in some lead. It was a very sporty surface and having only four days of cricket, there was always a chance for a result,” he added.

Kiwi’s retiring wiki player BJ Watling showed a lot of grit, continuing to stay on the field despite injuring his finger.

Watling has already announced that the WTC final is his singing game, but Williamson joked that he would probably change his mind now.

“I don’t know if he is already retiring. He is a special member, a leader in our group and he really represents our team,” he said.

“A scalar performance that’s on his heart because he’s a rotten player. A great occasion to celebrate, a great game of cricket and obviously a great career to celebrate.”



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