Watch: The five unforgettable spells of Ishant Sharma in test cricket

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The experience cannot be purchased from any store, it can only be gained by dragging it hard over time. And Team India’s fast bowler Ishant Sharma, who will now play the 100th test match for India, is an exemplary performer of hard work. After Kapil Dev, he will be the second fast bowler to achieve this feat in Indian cricket.

Ishant, who cooked in a cricket test oven only at the age of 18, was once described as “extinct.” However, there was so much oil in this lamp. Now the whole cricket world has understood. His bowling continues to escalate, which is why Ishant took 226 wickets in his first 79 tests; as 76 of them in the last 20 matches. From this it is clear that Ishant moves with high experience, which only improves with time.

And on Wednesday, when Ishant will play the 100th test match of his career as the Pink Ball in the third match of the ongoing Test series against England, we will look at the five best spells from his journey in the longest format so far.

2014: England v. India, Lords- 7/74

Ishant described the spell of the test match played on Lord’s on the 2014 tour in India in England as his best performance. That’s why we put it on top. Ishant did not receive a single wicket after conceding 61 runs in the first passes of this match. However, in the second inning he started to make a mess with his bowling and bowled 7 wickets for 74 tracks against the English; helping India register a historic victory with 95 tracks.

2011: West Indies vs. India, Bridgetown – 6/55 and 4/53

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Ishant Sharma took six wickets in the second inning against the West Indies in Bridgetown (File Photo).

After his test debut in 2007, Ishant Sharma may have cast the best spell of his career away from home against the West Indies in 2011. Ishant had surprised everyone in a test match played at home in the Caribbean in Bridgetown. In the first inning of this test match, Ishant took 6 wickets for 55 tracks, then took 4 wickets for 53 tracks in the second inning. His great spells mean that Windy fails to score a big goal at home and the match is a draw. While taking 10 tickets for 108 tracks in the test match, this was a very useful spell to extend his early career.

2014: New Zealand vs. India, Wellington – 6/51

Ishant also wreaked havoc on New Zealand in their own lair with a red ball on Kukabura. The pace at which Ishant bowled during India’s 2014 tour of India in New Zealand left New Zealand kiwi batsmen stunned. Ishant began bowling first in the Wellington test, played on tour in New Zealand, and in the first innings, Ishant began terrorizing Kiwis. Thus, he made 17 overs and sent 6 batsmen from New Zealand for 51 tracks. So his first inning was reduced to 192 tracks, although this test match was also withdrawn.

2007: India v. Pakistan, Bangalore – 5/118

After his debut in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2007, Ishant got his first chance to play against Pakistan. In which he gave his full strength and took 5 wickets for the first time in his career. Ishant got a chance in the final test match of the series with three tests against Pakistan. In which he took 5 wickets for 118 tracks. Not only that, the wicket taken by Pakistan’s Imran Farhat in this match was much discussed. While the match was a draw.

2019: India vs. Bangladesh, Calcutta- (5/22) and 4/56)

Indian Television - Ishant Sharma

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Ishant Sharma took nine wickets in India’s first test with pink balls.

For the first time in the history of Indian cricket, Team India would play a test match with Pink Ball at the Eden Gardens Stadium in Kolkata, and the opposing team was Bangladesh. In this historic match, Ishant engraved his name forever by taking 5 cassettes while leading all the bowlers.

Ishant took 5 tickets for 22 tracks in the first inning against Bangladesh, while in the second inning also 4 batsmen for 56 tracks showed the way to the pavilion.



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