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Watch Dogs: Legion Online comes out on March 9th. Here’s what you need to know

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Watch Dogs: Legion Online is almost here. Ubisoft will provide multiplayer mode to Watch Dogs: Legion – the third game in a series in London – in two weeks, after more than four months since the game’s release on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Since then, free upgrades have been received with the ability to track next-generation beams on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S / X. Watch Dogs: Legion online is set after the single-player campaign and comes with a narrative justification: Albion’s private police respond to the strike (necessary, albeit unimaginative) that forces you and your DedSec hacktivist team to defend London again.

Of course, not everything is driven by history. While Watch Dogs: Legion’s Collaboration missions are limited to teams of four, and there is an eight-player racing mode at startup. In addition, Ubisoft has said that more cooperative and PvP modes come later, including the Invasion return mode from Watch the dogs 2 which allows you to infiltrate and infiltrate other players’ games.

Watch Dogs: Legion Review: Drone Away in Dystopic London

I’ve been playing Watch Dogs: Legion for a few hours just thanks to an early access program created by Ubisoft as early as January. As such, it is not convenient for me to conduct an online review of Watch Dogs: Legion. Moreover, Ubisoft forbade us journalists to talk about the technical side of things. To be honest, Watch Dogs: Legion online was then “under development” and has remained in testing ever since – Ubisoft also had a closed technical test for the general public – so the game is likely to be very different (and potentially better) situation when it becomes accessible to all. Instead, what I’m going to do here is give you an idea of ​​what to expect from Watch Dogs: Legion online.

Watch Dogs: Legion online release date

The multiplayer online component of Watch Dogs: Legion debuted on March 9 desktop computer,, PS4,, PS5,, Xbox One,, Xbox S / X series,, Stages, and Amazon Moon. Watch Dogs: Legion online was originally scheduled for release in December 2020, but Ubisoft chose to move it to “early 2021” to prioritize single-player mode adjustments. Now comes after a three-month delay.

Can I play with my existing operatives?

Unfortunately no. Although Watch Dogs: Legion online takes place in London, which you know, this is a completely different version of the English capital from the one you explored in a single player. As such, your Watch Dogs: Legion to retain one player (and the legion of operators you have accumulated) will not be transferred to online multiplayer.

For what it’s worth, in Watch Dogs: Legion online you don’t have to go through recruitment missions to get new operatives and related skills. Instead, you simply spend technical points (this is the currency in the game marked with a green hollow diamond) to do so. Technical points were previously limited to purchasing and upgrading a wide range of technological improvements (gadgets, weapons, hacks, etc.). Completing any activity in Watch Dogs: Legion online gives you technical points, in addition to the new XP player and cosmetic upgrades.

And while Watch Dogs: Legion will allow you to play a variety of new missions with friends, you can’t enlist their help with a single-player campaign in the game.

Watch online modes Dogs: Legion

At launch, Watch Dogs: Legion online will offer four modes.

The largest of these, Tactical Ops, asks you to complete a series of five interrelated missions for which you must coordinate and communicate with your human teammates. These are the most complex and demanding of the batch. The first is called “Package Leader”.

Watch dogs: Legion Online also allows you to create teams made up of AI operators. With them you can take on a whole range of cooperative missions around London, which are designed for two to four players.

The third offer is Spiderbot Arena. This is the only player-to-player (PvP) mode at startup. In Spiderbot Arena, up to four players use their spiderbots to destroy other spiderbots in six-minute rounds.

Finally, Watch Dogs: Legion online also has a bunch of neighborhood activities – the smallest of the batch – that can be completed on their own and do not require the assistance of teammates. They should meet while exploring the open world in London with their friends.

Spiderbot Arena in Watch Dogs: Legion online
Photo: Ubisoft

Watch the online game Dogs: Legion

The first time you launch Watch Dogs: Legion online, you will be asked to complete a small mission. Until you finish this, you will not be able to play with your friends – or walk around the online open world where you can meet other players.

Tactical Ops is the most difficult mode, as I said before, currently available. A mission I took on tasked our team of four, divided into two pairs, to coordinate a hack in two main facilities. You can choose to enter the place quietly or go with firearms. In either case, once you activate the initial hack, you will be faced with the complete wrath of Albion.

If your teammate falls, they can be revived for a certain duration. But if you fail to do so in the allotted time, they will remain dead. If you do not have enough teammates to complete a tactical operation, the mission will fail and you will have to start from scratch.

Tactical Ops missions can sometimes get quite annoying. Some sections include endless spawning of enemies. So even if you manage to kill everyone, but you can’t go on because your other team hasn’t fulfilled its goal, you will be left to take on a relentless wave – which can naturally get tired. I speak from experience here. My team found itself in such a situation and we eventually gave up the mission completely after 20 minutes.

Not all observation dogs: Legion missions are so demanding.

Outside of tactical operations, you will usually be asked to complete a series of objectives in one or more locations. This could include, say, a coordinated hack on a laptop, driving to a new location and then stealing vehicles. Or it may involve breaking into a building, removing some devices while battling mafia heat, before using a boat to reach a floating target guarded by automatic towers. As long as one of your group succeeds in completing the mission, you are fine.

“Spiderbot Arena”, as the name implies, takes place in a small arena, similar to the work of FPS games. The arena is divided into levels that you can climb with the help of your spider. As you move around the arena, you’ll find health packs to help you regain your health, as well as a bunch of weapon pickups like bolt-on / bolt rockets, rifle pellets, shotguns and more. The higher you climb, the better weapons you will get.

You get points for destroying other spiders. And if you are destroyed, you are reborn and move on again. Each round of Spiderbot Arena lasts six minutes and the winner is the one who came out on top with the most points at the end.



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