WandaVision Episode 6 Summary: Trick or treat

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WandaVision episode 6 – released on February 12 on Disney + and Disney + Hotstar – increased the stakes and fear. In a Halloween episode that featured many Marvel Easter eggs, WandaVision showed the capabilities (and limitations) of its title characters. Vision (Paul Bettany) tried to leave Westview to get help for those living inside, but as it visibly fell apart in front of us, Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) expanded the city’s borders – which ate up much of SWORD’s infrastructure and staff, including Dr. Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings), creating the finale of MCU’s first Disney + series. (Only three episodes left.)

10-year-old Billy (Julian Hilliard) becomes the fourth storyteller to break down walls WandaVision Episode 6 – titled “All-New Halloween Spooktacular”, directed by Matt Shackman and written by Chuck Hayward and Peter Cameron – as he tells us his favorite thing about Halloween while in a costume. Tommy (Jett Klyne) doesn’t have a suit because he’s considered a “cool twin.” The boys wonder what’s going on with their uncle Pietro Maximov / Quicksilver (Evan Peters), who crashed WandaVision Episode 5 right at the end (and create a potential multiverse X-man crossover) and now sleeps on the couch in the living room – until four in the afternoon.

They are soon joined by their mother, Wanda, who arrives a decade later Scarlet witch comic book costume. This is an Easter egg intended for the audience, and the twins are left wondering who it should be. Wanda advertises that she is a soothsayer fortune teller, which is fun in itself because Wanda also has these abilities after she presented a nightmarish psychic vision for Iron Man back to Avengers: Age of Ultron. Shortly afterwards, the father Vision appears in his decade-old comic costume and describes himself as a Mexican wrestler who seems to be a sex fantasy for Wanda. Vision then says he has to go on duty in the neighborhood, which upsets Wanda because she didn’t know.

Peitro intervenes and agrees to be the man who grazes the twins like “Uncle P”. Wanda notes that he doesn’t even have a suit, just like Tommy, urging Pietro to run to the store at the speed of light and turn them into the two Quicksilver from a miracle comics – filled with this two-winged hairstyle. WandaVision episode 6 has a lot of Easter eggs, although it has no interest in explaining what is happening with this collapse of the universe. Peters plays Peter Maximov / Quicksilver in the X-Men movies, while Aaron Taylor-Johnson plays Age of Ultron’s Pietro Maximoff / Quicksilver. So this is very strange.

Paul Bethany as Vision, Evan Peters as Pietro Maximoff, Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff in WandaVision Episode 6
Photo: Disney / Marvel Studios

Outside Westview, meanwhile, SWORD acting director Tyler Hayward (Josh Stamberg) is adamant that Wanda must now be treated as a target – one that must neutralize in order to restore order. Captain Monica Rambo (Teinoa Paris) disagrees and insists that if Wanda is the problem, then she should also be seen as a solution given the scale of her powers. They can’t afford to confront her, which in the back feels like an explicit foreshadowing of the end of WandaVision episode 6. “You quitters still have the luxury of optimism,” Hayward said, to which Rambo replied: I use the last five years as an excuse for being a coward. “

Still, Hayward is director and supervisor, which means that Rambo was escorted along with her supporters by FBI agent Jimmy Wu (Randall Park) and Darcy. But they are clearly not quiet. Rambo and Wu take out the guards who were supposed to accompany them, while the forgotten and untrained Darcy just watches.

Back inside, Wanda is in the Westview neighborhood with Pietro, leading the children into deceiving everyone around them, using his super speed. He names Shangri-La when he pauses for a moment, which may be the first hint of Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) participation in the show. Strange’s Nepalese base in Kamar-Taj is based on the fictional, mystical creation of James Hilton. Or maybe I’m just reading too much into things right now.

Wanda then encounters Herb (David Peyton) – dressed as Frankenstein’s monster – who is also part of the neighborhood, and discovers that Vision is not actually on duty. What are you thinking? Vision seems to be studying the people of Westview, and he has met people who seem to have been “eavesdropped on.” They are stuck in what they are doing.

Elsewhere, Pietro gives us our first idea of ​​what happens to his presence in Westview (and WandaVision). He was shot in the street and then heard Wanda calling to him, so he came. He refers to the moment from Age of Ultron, assuming that he does not remember anything from his universe. Or maybe it works? Wanda’s twins show up and Tommy discovers that he has super speed, which is appropriate given the suit he’s wearing. This also makes sense, as Tommy grew up as Speed ​​in Marvel comics. Wanda begs Tommy to take his brother Billy on his fast-paced adventures and reminds them not to pass Ellis Avenue.

wandavision episode 6 agnes wandavision episode 6

Catherine Hahn as Agnes in WandaVision Episode 6
Photo: Disney / Marvel Studios

Back to Vision, crossing with the trio – Rambeau, Woo and Darcy – who begin to realize that the people living on the edge of Westview are not behaving properly. Does Wanda have a circle of influence? Maybe her powers don’t have the same effect when you reach the city limits. Or maybe it’s the other way around? Maybe Wanda’s influence increases when you reach Westview’s borders to prevent you from leaving?

There is evidence of the latter, as Vision collides with Agnes (Catherine Hahn), sitting motionless in her car. Vision does things with her fingers on Agnes’ forehead, pulling out the real Agnes, who reveals that Wanda won’t even let them think about leaving. She recognizes Vision and then wonders if she is dead, given that he is. The vision is astounding because he has no memory of the life he led. The use of the word by Agnes Avenger also has no effect on it. Agnes then begins to panic, prompting Vision to return her to her depressed state and vowing to help her. Vision runs along Ellis Avenue and to the edge of the energy field.

Meanwhile, Rambo decides to return to Westview, despite Darcy’s warnings that the energy inside is changing it at the molecular level. Darcy has his own moment when he decides to stay secret at the base because he has to cross the Hayward firewalls. She’s also a hacker on the side? Who knew.

Inside Westview, Wanda makes a remark to her brother Pietro about the life she has chosen (as a football mother), urging Pietro to make a remark about how she managed to do all this. At first, Wanda tries to push him away, as if he doesn’t know what he means, but Pietro is insistent. Wanda finally backs down, admitting she doesn’t know how she did it. She just “remembers feeling completely alone” and “infinitely nothing” inside – she talks about her condition after that The Avengers: The ultimate game, for the first time she managed to handle the death of Vision.

As he turns to Pietro, Wanda sees his bullet-streaked chest and a horrible face for just a split second. This is what her brother (played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson) looked like after his death in Age of Ultron. Wanda shudders, then looks at Pietro again and he looks good. It’s just like this moment from WandaVision Episode 4when Wanda saw Vision as a dead shell like him after Thanos crushed him The Avengers: Infinity War.

wandavision episode 6 quicksilver pietro wandavision episode 6

Evan Peters as Pietro Maximov in WandaVision Episode 6
Photo: Disney / Marvel Studios

It is not yet clear exactly how Wanda brought Vision back to life, but he has his face because she had his body. But Wanda didn’t have her brother’s body when she thought of him. Is that why her brother has the face of Evan Peters instead? Pietro mentioned earlier in the episode that he had heard Wanda’s call. If this really happened, maybe Wanda’s call went to universe multiverse and is answered by another living Quicksilver – from an alternative dimension.

Elsewhere, Vision has reached the very end of Westview, but getting out is not easy. It takes all his strength to push through, but it seems that Wanda’s fortified barrier is too big even for people like Vision. It begins to disintegrate, pieces of it literally breaking off from his body – Westview literally pulls him back and kills him in the process. Vision’s cries of grief are heard from his son Billy – he grew up next to Wickan in Marvel comics and is capable of telepathy and much more – who runs to his mother Wanda with the news.

In response, Wanda pauses everyone inside and then directs his forces to expand the boundaries of Westview to save Vision. But it goes further and envelops much more, turning everything SWORD owns into a circus: the headquarters becomes a giant tent, a military truck becomes an ice cream van, and SWORD agents become clowns. Darcy, who voted not to enter Westview, was also attracted. Rambeau, Woo, and Hayward somehow just avoid it while Westview’s boundaries continue to grow.

Rambo’s words about working with Wanda and not treating her like an enemy are worth more than ever. It’s really, really powerful, but it also doesn’t need anything, as noted in WandaVision Episode 5 – and how will things turn out?

WandaVision episode 6 is already airing Disney + and Disney + Hotstar. New episodes come out every Friday around 1:30 p.m. IST / 12 p.m. PT.



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