Vivo Patents Smartphone with a mobile drone-like flying camera module

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Vivo has reportedly filed a patent for a smartphone with a built-in flying camera. The camera will have the ability to detach from the smartphone and fly in the air to allow users to take creative photos. The patent was filed in December 2020 with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) and is entitled “Electronic Device” for Vivo Mobile Communication. The sketch shows how the mobile flying camera will work. It will integrate batteries, camera sensors and infrared sensors inside.

LetsGoDigital was the first to place this patent from Vivo. A sketch published in the file shows a small compartment at the top of the smartphone, where the mobile camera can slide in and out. This camera has four propellers to lift it into the air, a battery compartment for self-flying and a dual system of cameras – with one sensor that makes a front aerial view while the other takes pictures from below. The patent notes that the camera system in the smartphone can be completely removed from the housing together with the mounting bracket.

The camera module is also equipped with multiple infrared sensors at the edges to calculate the distance to other objects and avoid a collision. The patent states that the flying camera can be controlled using the smartphone with which it is attached and will probably offer support for air gestures. While the sketch shows two cameras attached to the module, the patent notes that a third and a fourth camera can be added.

Of course, this is only a patent and there is no security for the release of such a phone in the future. In fact, the practicality of such an idea is quite questionable in today’s technology. There are some clear obstacles that Vivo needs to overcome, such as that a light and small flying camera may be more susceptible to wind turbulence and the resulting shots are likely to be too shaky and unstable. Vivo can introduce a stabilizing gimbal system in the chambers to allow fewer shaky shots, but the impact can be limited.

Most original manufacturers apply for patents long before their launch plans for copyright reasons. Some patents are nothing and this can also see the same fate and even become a reality, expect a very long wait.

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