Virat Koli calls for a series of three matches to decide the upcoming World Cup

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Virat Collie and Kane Williamson

Indian skipper Virat Kohli recognized New Zealand as a deserved winner in the first edition of the World Cup, but repeated the words of Ravi Shastri before the match, referring to the offer of a series of three matches to decide the future champions of the WTC title.

“I do not absolutely agree to decide the best test country in the world in a single game,” Collie said after India’s eight losses at Southampton in the back-up sixth day.

“If it’s a Test series, it has to be a character test in three Tests – which team has the ability to go back in the series or blow the other team completely. You can’t apply pressure for just two days of good cricket and then suddenly you’re no longer the good side of the test. I don’t believe that. “

Before the final, Koli downplayed the importance of the one-off competition, saying that a test could not decide which was the “best” country in the form. Even head coach Ravi Shastri called for a series of three tests before the final.

“It has to be solid grinding and something that definitely needs to be done in the future,” he said. “At the end of three games, where there are efforts, there are ups and downs, there are situations that change during the series, a chance to correct the things you did in the first game, and then really see who is better. side during a series of three games or something like that will be a good indicator of how things really are.

“So this result doesn’t bother us too much, because we understand as a test party what we have done in the last 3-4 years, and not just in the last 18 months. So this is not a measure of who we are as a team [with] the ability and potential we have had for so many years. “

The WTC final lost two days of rain before creating an intriguing sixth day, where Kyle Jamieson wreaked havoc in the morning, releasing Collie and Cheteshwar Pujara before Tim Southy chose four others. However, a counterattack by Rishabh Pant 41 helped India set the target at 139. Ravichandran Ashwin removed both openers before Tea, but a patient partnership from Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor saw how Blackcaps reached the goal.

If you see the way the game goes, no matter how long we go out on the field, why don’t you want to see two more tests of the same teams fighting and ultimately being the worthy winners of the World Test Championship?

“Historically, all the great series you’ve seen in Test Cricket, you remember them for a period of three games or maybe five games, with two teams going against each other and these series becoming memorable.

“This definitely needs to be imported. I’m not saying this because we’re not on the side of the winners, but just for Test Cricket and for this saga to be absolutely memorable, it has to happen over a period of at least three games to have a series. which to remember.

“There will be ups and downs all the time, with two quality sides heading for each other, knowing there are so many on the line.”

However, the New Zealand captain, who was part of the team that lost the 2015 and 2019 World Cup finals, believes that the one-off game offers an element of unpredictability and makes it exciting.

“I guess the exciting part of the finals is that anything can happen,” Williamson said. “We know how volatile cricket is and we have seen it in other competitions, in other world cups and in all other bits.

“The one-time factor brings a unique dynamic that makes it exciting and all sorts of things like that, and anything can happen every day. We’ve been from all different sides of that statement.”



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