UEFA tells unacceptable match officials looking for autographs

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Image source: AP

Erling Haaland

UEFA has told officials it is unacceptable and unworthy to seek autographs from players after an assistant referee asked Erling Haaland to sign red and yellow cards after the Borussia Dortmund Champions League match in Manchester City.

UEFA chief referee Roberto Rossetti wrote to referee teams after the incident in the tunnel in Manchester on Tuesday night was caught in front of the camera when the players left the field after the loss of Dortmund with 2: 1.

“UEFA strives to respect you as much as the players, and you helped by looking at the part: athletic, commanding, respectful and professional,” Rossetti wrote in a correspondence on Wednesday, first reported by British television Sky Sports and confirmed from UEFA.

“If you want to be respected as much as the players, why would you want their autograph or shirt?” Do they want the same? It’s just unacceptable, it’s a matter of dignity and don’t forget the number of TV cameras at UEFA matches – they catch everything. “

It was later reported in his native Romania that Octavian Sovre, an assistant referee at City, wanted the signed cards to raise funds for an autism center.



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