UEFA is investigating alleged racial violence against Zlatan Ibrahimovic

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Image source: AP

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

UEFA appointed a disciplinary investigator on Tuesday to investigate allegations that Zlatan Ibrahimovic was racially abused when Milan played for Red Star Belgrade last week.

Ibrahimovic was sitting in the stands as a substitute during the Europa League match in Serbia, and footage appeared detailing insults shouted at him.

The alleged abuse is aimed at Ibrahimovic’s Balkan family roots. He was born in Sweden to parents from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.

Although no tickets were sold to the fans for the match of the 32nd, employees and guests of the Red Star club were in the main stand.

UEFA’s disciplinary rules hold home clubs responsible for incidents at their stadium. UEFA did not schedule its investigator to report to the disciplinary committee.

Milan hosts the rematch on Thursday after a 2-2 draw in Belgrade.



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