UEFA describes in detail the Euro 2020 rules for teams affected by viral problems

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On March 16, 2020, the photo jogging made its way after the sunset at the Allianz Arena football stadium in Munich, Germany.

Teams affected by COVID-19 cases or the mandatory quarantine of the European Championship can postpone their matches for up to 48 hours to allow new players to enter, UEFA said on Tuesday.

UEFA has published additional rules for the tournament from June 11 to July 11, including increasing the size of the team from 23 players to 26 to help teams cope with the coronavirus pandemic.

Euro 2020 has to play 51 matches in 31 days with a few days as backups. Matches will be played on a schedule if each team has at least 13 players, including one goalkeeper, available for selection.

UEFA has stated that teams with less than 13 players can redirect their game within the next 48 hours from the date of the match and possibly elsewhere.

“Each additional player called to meet the minimum of 13 players requires the final withdrawal of an equivalent number of quarantined players from the list of 26 players,” said the European football body.

The team responsible for not playing a match will lose it as a 3-0 loss and the national federation will face disciplinary action by UEFA.

The emergency rules are similar to those applied by UEFA this season in its club competitions and the League of Nations, and have been upheld in several appeals cases before the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Ukraine and Norway lost the League of Nations matches 3-0 last year. The Ukrainian team has been quarantined by public health officials in Switzerland. The Norwegian team has been suspended from traveling to Romania at the discretion of its own health officials.

Euro 2020 is played with 24 teams in 11 cities across Europe, with at least 25% of the stadium’s capacity available for all matches.

Dublin had dropped out of UEFA last month after public authorities did not give assurances on how many fans could attend matches, and Bilbao was replaced by Sevilla.



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