Twitter can add a “Jar Type” feature to allow creators to provide money from content

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Twitter plans to introduce a new Tip Jar icon on its platform months after experimenting in various ways to allow creators and influencers to provide money content.

Facebook’s micro-blogging platform tried to provide various features to its users to encourage them to bring influential content to the platform so they could profit from it. Recent features include newsletters and Super Next.

Mashable India reports Twitter may introduce a new feature called Tip Jar icon (which looks like cash and will be integrated with several payment services, including Patreon, PayPal, Venmo and Cash App) in its users’ user profiles. Such a feature is expected to be available only for audio on Twitter Spaces a platform that will compete with the Clubhouse audio chat app.

When the feature is touched, the Tip Jar icon will allow users to monetize their content in Twitter Spaces and Twitter by collecting advice from users.

The micro-blogging site is yet to make the feature official, and according to Mashable India, it is not yet clear who will be allowed to place the Tip Jar button in their profile and Spaces. However, it is assumed that users will have a certain number of followers to use the feature.

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