Tokyo Olympics: Wrong health app entries raise COVID-19 alarm at Indian camp

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Wrong entries in the health app raise the COVID-19 alarm in the Indian camp

Wrong entries in the health app caused fear of COVID-19 at the Indian camp at the Tokyo Olympics on Wednesday. However, Prem Verma, the mission’s deputy chef, explained that no one showed symptoms of the virus and there was no positive case.

IOA President Narinder Batra asked for a clear picture from the Verma mission’s deputy chef after the Health Report (OCHA) application showed three Indian employees with symptoms, but the other application did not have such details.

Verma replied that “no one showed symptoms and there were inadvertent wrong entries from users for the first time.”

“Incorrect entries in the health card update. There are no positive cases. If you make erroneous entries in the update of your health card, this will trigger an alarm from the software and the CLO will receive an email to resolve it.

“For example, if you mistakenly report your temperature as 38 degrees Celsius, then the CLO will be alerted by the infection control software. There is no positive case in Team India,” Verma said. P



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