Tokyo Olympics: Sports Minister Anurag Thakur welcomes Indian athletes

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Image source: PTI

Minister of Sports Anurag Thakur

Union Minister for Youth Relations and Sports Anurag Thakur a new #HumaraVictoryPunch initiative was launched on Wednesday to welcome Indian athletes to the Tokyo Olympics.

In an effort to boost the morale of Indian athletes participating in the show, Thakur called on everyone to show support for the Indian Olympics team.

After a one-year delay, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will finally begin on July 23. India will send its largest contingent in the history of the Games so far. It will include 124 athletes (69 men, 55 women).

In a video shared on Twitter, Thakur said: “India! India! We are trying our best to rejoice for our athletes and the” Yeh Hai Humara Victory Punch. “Let’s get together and raise the morale of our athletes. athletes by reuniting with friends and family. “

“Publish your videos to the applause of the athletes, nominate five people to do the same and make this initiative a popular movement,” he added.

Earlier, Thakur released the song “Cheer4India” by the Olympic contingent in the country. He had called on the public to unite wholeheartedly from his athletes during the Tokyo Games.

India has named men’s hockey captain Manpreet Singh and six-time world champion female boxer MC MC Kom as flag bearers for the opening ceremony.



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