Tokyo Olympics: Gold medalists receive 75 GEL from the IOA

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Gold medalists to receive 75 GEL from the IOA

The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) announced on Thursday that it will give Tokyo Olympic winners a cash prize of 75 GEL, in addition to giving each of the participating National Sports Federations (NSF) a bonus of 25 rupees.

The IOA Advisory Committee has recommended that silver medal winners be presented with 40 rupees, and the bronze winners will be enriched by 25 rupees.

“An amount of Rs. 1 nail polish is also recommended for each athlete representing the country at the Tokyo Olympics,” an IOA statement said.

The IOA also acknowledged the proposals of its advisory group that a bonus of Rs. 25 lahi are given to each participating NSF and an additional support of 30 rupees to each winning NSF medal.

In addition, support of 15 rupees each will be received from other members of the National Sports Federations.

“This is the first time the IOA has awarded medals and NSF medalists to such an extent,” said IOA Secretary General Rajeev Mehta.

The Advisory Group also recommended a pocket aid of USD 50 per day for each member of the Indian contingent for their actual days of stay in Tokyo.

The IOA also said that Member States’ Olympic Associations “will also receive an amount of Rs 15 each, as a contribution from the IOA to the development of sports infrastructure in the states and to encourage more athletes to play sports”.

Mehta said: “The Indian Olympic Association understands the difficulties faced by athletes and federations and believes that support and assistance are required from all national sports federations, state Olympic associations and, most importantly, athletes after overcoming obstacles and difficult times during the coronavirus pandemic of March last year. ”



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