Tokyo Olympic Games With good communication we can break through the toughest defenses: hockey striker Mandip

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We can break through the toughest defenses with good communication: hockey striker Mandyp

The striker of the Indian hockey team Mandyp Singh said on Thursday that he has the strength to break the defense of any rival country in the Tokyo Olympics, starting here on Friday.

Since debuting for the senior team in 2013, Mandeep is the most experienced striker in the Indian team.

“I don’t think there is any additional pressure on me because I have good support from the other players. We have good communication on the spot and one day we can break the toughest defense,” said the 26-year-old, sent forward by Jalandhar.

Singh has already played over 150 international matches for the country, but is now making his Olympic debut.

The striker, known for his quick reflexes and positioning at the door, said he had lived in a bio-balloon at the SAI center in Bengaluru for the past year and a half because of COVID, India. better placed than all other nations playing hockey at the Olympics.

“We are very used to the COVID protocols. We test here every morning, it’s a very simple process and the results come out by the evening,” Mandyp said.

“It was great so far. Although it took us a while at the airport due to testing and other procedures since we checked into Games Village, it was amazing. Everything is well organized and everyone is very careful about everything protocols.

“The food is very good and some Indian dishes are served every day. The support staff also ensures that we are in good physical and mental shape before our first match.”

India will play New Zealand in their opening on Saturday, and Mandyp said they are ready for the job ahead.

“… we are now allowed to interact with other teams. Today was the first day that we also have to play on the main field of the competition and without a doubt this is a fantastic stadium.

“We are looking forward to playing our first game against New Zealand,” he said.

Ranked fourth in the world, India will strive to overcome their drought for Olympic medals lasting four decades. Their last of eight gold medals came far back in 1980 in Moscow.



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