Tokyo Olympic Games More “conscious” Vines with a “clean head”: Coach Waller Akos

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More “conscious” Vinesh, who enters the Olympics with a “clean head”: Coach Waller Akos

It is difficult to find any flaw in the game of the “clear” Vinesh Fogat, who enters the Olympic Games in Tokyo, says the personal foreign coach of the star wrestler Waller Akos.

One of the strongest contenders for a medal in the Indian contingent, Vinesh is first class in the games. The highest fee is not surprising, as the 26-year-old enters the show undefeated this year.

She last came out of the mat without a win at the Asian Championships in February 2020, when she lost to Mayu Maukaida in the semifinals to settle for bronze.

Hungarian coach Akos says Vines is a great student in the game and he has high hopes that she will fight for gold in Tokyo.

“Her head is clear. She has improved on leg attacks and counter-attacks and has a clear head. Strategies devised outside the mat are now being implemented on the mat because of a clean head. There were times when she couldn’t do it, but a lot it’s better, “Akos told PTI in Hungary.

Akos has been working with Vinesh since February 2019 and says that the Indian has already been a good fighter, but now she has become another level.

“We are on the right track. She is better and better every day. She is better physically and tactically. The movements (circular movements) are more, the protection of the legs is better. She is more focused. and more aware.

“Vinhesh is good at everything. I hope to see her fight for gold.”

Akos’ confidence stems from the fact that Vinesh is now consistently implementing strategies designed for various opponents.

“All her opponents are different. Some are technically good and others are physically better. Different tactics are required. Against some opponents you need to work with your hand, and somewhere you need a pad, a headlock.

“For some opponents, you have to work remotely. And she has improved in all of that,” he said.

Akos said that not only does he invent strategies, but Vinesh herself contributes, argues her positions and sometimes disagrees. “She is a great student of the game.

“That’s the best way to do it by talking to each other at a workout and on the mat.”

However, Akos said that there is no room for complacency, because not only the Japanese silver medalist from 2019 Mukaida, who will be a threat to the Indian, but also others.

“Not only Mukaida. The challenge will also come from Russia, Belarus, the United States, China, Sweden, Poland. The Olympics are a different competition. They have to do their homework in Vinesh,” he said.

Mukaida, who will be placed second, is the only one Vinesh has never defeated. They leveled against each other three times and each time the Japanese were on top.

Mukaida will not come to Vinesh’s path before the final, because they are the best seeds.

Against the fourth winner of China Qianyu Pang, it is 2-2 in four matches, and against the Swedish Sofia Mattsson, Vinesh will have the upper hand.

Vinesh and Akos will leave for Tokyo on July 26.



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