To mark the WTC’s opening finale, 10 legends must be inducted into the ICC Hall of Fame

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The ICC will introduce 10 game legends to its famous Hall of Fame, with two players from five eras dating back to the early days of cricket, joining an existing list of 93 of the world’s greatest.

On Thursday, the global cricket body announced a special edition of the ICC Hall of Fame to coincide with the first-ever final of the World Test Championship, which will compete between India and New Zealand on June 18 in Southampton.

Up to 10 legends from the game, who have contributed significantly to the history of test cricket, will be introduced to join the 93 players already on the famous list, for a total of 103.

“We are honored to announce the one-time introduction of ten greats in cricket at the ICC Hall of Fame to coincide with the first-ever final of the World Test Championships in Southampton,” said ICC Acting Executive Director Geoff Allardice in his release. .

“We celebrate the history of the game and what better way than to honor some of the greats who founded and played the game in different eras. These are all players with a legacy that will continue to inspire future generations in the years to come.”

The special reception will see two players from each of the following five eras join the ranks of the world’s greatest players: Early Cricket Era (before 1918), Inter-War Cricket Era (1918-1945), Post-War Cricket Era (1946) –1970), ODI Era (1971–1995), Modern Cricket Era (1996–2016).

The 10 legends introduced as part of the special edition were voted by the ICC Hall of Fame Voting Academy, which includes members of the Living Hall of Fame, a representative of FICA (Federation of the International Cricket Association), prominent cricket journalists and senior ICC figures. The announcement will be made during a live broadcast broadcast on ICC’s digital media channels.

The special edition of the ICC Hall of Fame show will be hosted by Alan Wilkins and will be broadcast live on all ICC digital channels, including Facebook and YouTube on June 13.



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