These sites can help you find a place to vaccinate COVID-19

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Vaccination is now open to people between the ages of 18 and 44, but getting an appointment is difficult because the slots fill up quickly and the manual search on the CoWIN portal to find an appointment is slow and cumbersome, probably due to the huge number of people trying to use site to be vaccinated. However, a number of developers are creating resources to make it easier for people to know when the next meeting is available, to make it easier and easier to book a COVID vaccination through the CoWIN platform.

These sites even send alerts using email or chat services like Telegram to let people know when the next vaccine appointment is available nearby. While CoWIN registration process It’s simple, these sites take some of the trouble out of booking an appointment by reducing the time spent hunting for slots. However, while these sites offer open slot alerts nearby, you will still need to go to the CoWIN portal to book an appointment. These sites do not allow you to book appointments, but only to find slots.

Consumers will need to act quickly, as these alerts are real-time and stocks are likely to be limited.

Tracking of COVID-19 vaccines for India

Developer Amit Agarwal did open source vaccine tracking tool which will monitor the availability of vaccination near you and send alerts by email when slots become available.

  1. Click here to target the Google Sheet and ‘Make a copy ‘ from it in your Google Drive Select Vaccine Tracker from the menu and click on Activation.
  2. Complete the login process and select Go to Vaccine Alerts.
  3. Enter your PIN, eligibility for your age and select Create Email Alert button. Google Sheet will launch this monitor every day and send an email at 8 a.m. each day, indicating the availability of vaccine meetings in the areas you specify.


Programmer Bertie Thomas has come up with a website called to help people aged 18-44 look for open vaccinations nearby. The CoWIN portal shows all vaccination results and mentions whether the slots are for people under 45 or older, but this means that younger people who are already eligible will see many results that are not relevant to them. This website only shows appointments for people between the ages of 18 and 44 to make searching easier.

People can turn to the page, enter their state and area and find slots nearby. Thomas also began offering area-specific signals in the Telegram, notifying users when the vaccine is available in certain areas. Links to activate these signals in Telegram can be found in Thomas’ Thread on Twitter. He publishes that he is updating this topic with more areas in India.

ISB alumni Shaim Sander and his friends have developed a website called to help users receive email alerts for open vaccination slots nearby The website sends email alerts to anyone who registers with a notification request in their area.

The site is very simple – just enter your name, area and email ID and you will receive an email when a slot is available nearby. The creators also included a note on the site to explain that l data is stored only for email customization, although it encounters several errors early on. The emails are paused currently due to an error, but should work again soon.

Another site that can help you quickly navigate through booked reservations, also uses the open API of CoWIN to allow people to search by their city or by their PIN code, or to enter their state and area to find the nearest COVID-19 vaccine reservation. As with the other sites mentioned, FindSlot also only allows you to search for a reservation – as noted on the site, “This web application uses the CoWin open API to make it easier for you to find slots. Changes in real-time availability. So book your slot as soon as possible with the help “

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