The WTC final will continue as planned: ICC after India’s entry into Britain’s “red list” for travel

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The final of the World Test Championship between India and New Zealand will continue, as planned in Southampton on June 18, assured the International Cricket Council (ICC), after Britain added India to its “red list” for travel after a massive jump in cases of COVID-19.

India’s entry on the “red list” effectively bans all travel from the country and makes 10-day hotel quarantine mandatory for UK residents returning home. However, the ICC expressed confidence in organizing the WTC final in a biological environment.

“The ECB and other members have demonstrated how we can safely organize international cricket in the midst of a pandemic and we are confident that we can continue to do so and that the WTC final will continue as planned in June in the UK,” the ICC said in a statement. Monday night. “We are currently discussing with the UK government the impact of the countries on the ‘red list’.”

A BCCI source told PTI that it is difficult to say anything at this time and the Board hopes that India will not enter the “red list” when the team leaves for the UK in early June for the WTC final.

“We still don’t know how the situation will develop in June. SOPs related to travel are always dynamic according to the situation with COVID. When India leaves for the UK in early June, the country may not be on the red list, which requires 10 days of hard quarantine. But if necessary, it will be done. The situation is too fluid at the moment, “the source said on condition of anonymity.

The media reported in the UK that, if necessary, the Rose Bowl in Southampton and the hotel on the spot could be released to arrive on the “red list”, returning to the full biosecurity system that saw it successfully. to organize international competitions last season.

“We are currently discussing with the government the impact of the Red List countries. Working together, we have demonstrated how we can safely organize international cricket in the middle of a pandemic and hope to be able to do it again this year,” an ECB spokesman was quoted as saying. from the Guardian newspaper.

The Indian women’s cricket team is also set to tour the UK in June, while the men’s team is set to play five tests in England on 4 August. There are also concerns about how India’s inclusion in the “red list” will affect England and New Zealand cricketers currently playing in IPL and intend to fly to the United Kingdom for a series of two matches between the two countries, which begins in the Lord on June 2.

The IPL will end on May 30 with a clash at the summit scheduled for Ahmedabad.

In the last 24 hours, India reported 2.59,170 new positive cases, the highest one-day jump, with the COVID-19 load in the country exceeding 1.5 crore.



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