The US working group met to discuss Microsoft’s latest software hacks

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The White House working group on the recent Microsoft Exchange hack met with private sector officials this week, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said in a statement Wednesday.

The group, which met on Monday, “included for the first time members of the private sector” who were invited “based on their specific insights into the incident,” she said.

Hacker groups are using recently discovered flaws in Exchange mail server software to infiltrate targets around the world.

The White House group noted that the hack mitigation payment “weighs especially heavily on small businesses,” Psaki said.

The breadth of exploitation has led to urgent warnings from US and European authorities about weaknesses found in the Exchange.

The White House group “discussed the remaining number of faulty systems, malicious exploitation and ways to partner in responding to incidents, including the methodology that partners can use to track the incident in the future,” Psaki said.

Security holes in widely used mail and calendar software leave the door open for industrial-scale cyber espionage, allowing malicious participants to steal emails virtually at will from vulnerable servers or move elsewhere on the network. Tens of thousands of organizations have already been compromised, Reuters reported, and new victims are announced daily.

Recent Reuters report revealed that despite numerous hacks, Microsoft could reap more than $ 150 million (approximately 1090 kroner) in new US cybersecurity spending. That’s about a quarter of COVID aid to US cybersecurity advocates, Reuters sources said.

Earlier, Microsoft said it gave priority to corrective attacks, which it sees in widespread use.

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