“The surgery was successful, it will be back in no time,” tweets Shreyas Ayer

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Shreas Ayer confirmed that the operation for his wound was successful.

Indian batsman Shreyas Ayer confirmed that the operation for the wound on his shoulder was successful, adding that he would return in no time. Ayer suffered an injury during the 1st ODI in a series of three games against England.

“The surgery was successful and with lion’s determination, I will be back in no time Lion face Thank you for your wishes,” tweeted Ayer.

Ayer, 26, was injured on March 23 while diving into a crash while driving Johnny Beirstov offshore Shardul Thakur.

Ayer was subsequently expelled from the Indian Premier League in 2021 and also remains questionable for his stay in Lancashire County after the T20 tournament.

After his injury, the BCCI said, “Shreas Ayer twisted (partially dislocated) his left shoulder at 8 a.m. while on the field. He was taken for additional scans.”

The 26-year-old is captain of Delhi Capitals IPL. In the previous edition, Ayer led the franchise to the final of the tournament, which was the Capitals’ first appearance in the title clash.

In the absence of Ayer, the young goalkeeper of the gate-whip Rishabh Pant will lead the country.



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