The pressure to win justifies Virat Koli’s aggression on the pitch: Richard Hadley

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They grow kohli

They grow kohliThe aggression on the pitch is justified as it helps embarrass the opposition, a tactic needed by the Indian skipper as he faces enormous pressure to win from fans, said former New Zealand wagon Richard Hadley.

“I really like seeing every player express (sic) to the opposition with a real presence – it’s a form of intimidation that can be disturbing and a tactic used by many athletes,” Hadley said in an interview with the International Cricket Council. (ICC).

I see Virat as a very passionate and competitive cricketer with a strong desire for himself and the team to succeed. The pressure and expectations on him to “win” are huge. There are millions of Indian fans who adore him, which puts a lot of pressure on Virat. for Indian cricket to remain competitive and be one of the best teams in the world, “added Hadley, one of the four major all-around players dominating the international cricket scene in the late 1970s and 1980s with Imran Khan. , Kapil Dev and Ian Botham.

Hadley, who at one point was the best cricketer with 431 scalps before being overtaken by Capil Dev, said Indian fans need to understand that Collie will sometimes fail.

“Fans still need to understand that we are all human and champions will fail from time to time – any cricketer can score a duck or not take weekends, which is considered a failure,” added the 69-year-old New Zealander.

However, Hadley said that every athlete must find a balance in their behavior on the field.

“He finds a way to win a game and gain an advantage over his opponent. Having said that, sportsmanship and fair play are still paramount, so he finds a balance between doing what is right and what is expected of a player, instead of going too far and bringing the game to a bad reputation, “he added.



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