The possibilities are limitless for me at the Olympics: swordsman in India Bhavani Devi

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Image source: TWITTER / SAI_MEDIA

The Indian swordsman Bhavani Devi

Indian saber fencer Bhavani Devi has said he will not limit himself to this year’s Olympics in Tokyo. Bhavani became the first Indian fencer to qualify for the Olympics earlier this month.

“I want to do my best at the Tokyo Olympics and I will not limit myself to thinking about what I can or cannot achieve in the global event. The possibilities are limitless,” she said at a virtual press conference in Italy, where she has been training since November.

Bhavani said she started fencing by accident at the age of 11. “When I signed up to play sports, we were all divided into groups and given the opportunity to choose from five different sports. Until my turn, there were only slots in fencing,” she said.

But after entering it, she fell in love with fencing and even lied to her father’s income so that he could stay in it. “It was a very expensive sport and I was afraid I would not be allowed if they found out I came from a poor family. Even then, because the equipment was so expensive and difficult to acquire, we practiced with bamboo sticks and used suitable swords only. during competitions, “she said.

Bhavani qualified for the World Cup in Budapest, an Olympic qualifying competition, on Sunday.

Originally scheduled to run from July 24 to August 9, 2020, the Tokyo Olympics have been postponed by one year due to the Covid-19 pandemic and will run from July 23 to August 8 this year. The fencing event will take place from July 24 to August 1



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