The man is torn after seeing an animated photo of a deceased wife: See the Reddit post

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Is there anything that technology can’t make possible? Recently, social media users went to town for a new AI-powered app that allowed them to bring still images to life, triggering a wave of such photo-converted videos across platforms. A Reddit user posted on Monday a video of an octogenarium that responds to a visual of his late wife Lola, created in the deep nostalgia service AI of the online family tree service MyHeritage, which uses video recovery technology to animate faces in still images. The man, sitting in a large chair, hands him a laptop with the animated black-and-white photo of his wife, who thanks to the app smiles, nods, blinks and tilts her head.

“Oh God, holy smoke,” was the man’s first reaction when he saw the video on the screen. “She’s alive,” he added, not taking his eyes off young Lola.

The person recording the video asks, “Isn’t technology amazing?”

“I can’t believe it,” he says, devastated, taking off his glasses and smearing his eyes. “She is!” The man then said the couple would have been married for 75 years last November. Then he shakes his head and says, “And I still love her.”

The video has been voted nearly 11,000 times on the platform and other users have been in awe of it. Click here to watch it.

“I am just afraid of this feeling. I don’t want to be abandoned by my partner. But I don’t want to leave them behind either, “a user wrote.

Another user remembered how painful it was to watch his mother try to live without her father. “I can’t understand my partner or myself that one day I have to do this,” the man said.

Speaking about the loss of the old man, a user said: “It is difficult to survive, but we all need to understand how to deal with this difficult aspect of life.”

“True love is incredible. My grandparents were married for 55 years and never failed to put themselves first in life. He makes me with teary eyes “, was the answer of another person.

Deep nostalgia, the feature used for video, uses AI to add facial animations to portrait photos, bringing them to life. Using the website or mobile app, users can choose from a set of pre-recorded animations that can be transferred to their still photos. The service warns that its technology should not be used to create “deeply fake” videos of public figures or anyone else without their permission. You can crop faces from group photos, but you still can’t animate multiple people in a single frame. A watermark will be applied to indicate that such animations are generated artificially.

Users can sign up for a free account to use Deep Nostalgia, but will be limited to a small number of animations unless they purchase a subscription plan. Animations can be easily posted on social media and exported as MP4 files. The technology has gone viral on social media as people post their versions of Harry Potteranimated portraits in style.

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