The Liverpool owner is grieving in the Super League as fans’ anger grows

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The Liverpool owner is grieving in the Super League as fans’ anger grows

After an interrupted attempt to form a European Super League, Liverpool owner John Henry tried to regain the trust of fans with a video with an apology on Wednesday.

The same public speculation was yet to come from all six clubs in the Premier League, which faced a two-day fury from their supporters because they decided – briefly – to abandon the UEFA system and join a largely closed breakaway European competition. .

On a frantic night, Liverpool withdrew from the project on Tuesday with 12 teams, along with the other five English rebel clubs, pushing for a planned split from the existing Champions League.

“It goes without saying, but it must be said that the proposed project will never stand without the support of fans,” said Henry, who also owns the Boston Red Sox. “No one has ever thought differently in England. During those 48 hours, you were very clear that it would not last. We heard you. I heard you.”

Owners of Premier League clubs like Henry not only did not fail to consult with their supporters. Even players and coaching staff in the Premier League champions were left in the dark before the announcement of the Super League on Sunday.

Liverpool players publicly voiced their opposition in a wave of coordinated tweets on Tuesday night to step up pressure on Henry to keep the seven-time European Cup winners in the long-running, open competition.

“I want to apologize to Jurgen, Billy, the players and everyone who works so hard at LFC to make our fans proud,” said Henry, referring to CEO Billy Hogan and manager Jurgen Klopp. “They have absolutely no responsibility for this interruption. They were most upset and unfair. This is what hurts the most. They love your club and work to make you proud every day. “

The attempt to limit the damage was known to Liverpool, as Fenway Sports Group bought the club in October 2010.

“I know that the entire LFC team has the experience, leadership and passion to rebuild trust and help us move forward,” said Henry. “I hope you will understand that even when we make mistakes, we try to work in the best interests of your club. I have disappointed you in this endeavor.

“I am sorry again and I am solely responsible for the unnecessary negativity that has been expressed over the last few days. This is something I will not forget and shows the strength that fans have today and will rightly continue to have. “

Fans of Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City and Tottenham have not received such an apology from their owners for the fleeting attempt to join the Super League that the British government has threatened to introduce suspension laws.

United, City and Chelsea made only brief statements announcing their departure from the Super League without any details.

Disappointed that he had not received an apology from the club, Trust Supports’ Trust said it did not trust the club’s management at the board level, led by President Bruce Buck – showing their continued support for owner Roman Abramovich, whose vast wealth he transformed. the team since 2003

Chelsea fans flooded the streets in front of Stamford Bridge on Tuesday before the decision that the club was out of the Super League expired.

“We want a full and thorough investigation into why the council decided to turn its back on the European competition and the CFC to explain why they joined the Super League without first consulting their loyal supporters,” Chelsea Trust’s Trust said.

Confidence of Manchester United supporters said that fans were not ignored and managed to kill the Super League

“We have to make this a turning point – both for United and for football in general,” he MUST say. “We showed the power of the fans and we have to build on the amazing energy and momentum that the short but noisy campaign against the Super League had.”

United also announced on Tuesday night that Vice President Ed Woodward will leave this year, but tried not to link it to the disastrous decision-making behind the Super League or the failure to win the Premier League since 2013.

“The problems at Manchester United are at the property level,” it MUST be said. “With Ed coming out and their dream of a Super League of Rags, maybe the Glaziers should consider whether now is their time to leave the field.

“But we don’t want them to be sold to the highest bidder and fans just to be on the sidelines waiting to know who will take the position. This is a real opportunity for the Glazers to change the current path of their legacy and open the door for shareholders to supporters with full voting rights. “

Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy said officials “regret the anxiety and frustration caused by the ESL proposal”, while explaining the proposed funding was too good to refuse initially.

From north London, Arsenal issued an open letter to fans.

“We made a mistake and apologize for it,” said the club, which is owned by Stan Kroenke. “We know it will take time to regain faith in what we are trying to achieve here at Arsenal, but let’s be clear that the decision to be part of the Super League is driven by our desire to defend Arsenal, the club you love. , and support the game you love through greater solidarity and financial stability. “



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