The ICC will award the same points for each match won in the next WTC

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New Zealand won the opening final of the World Test Championship earlier this month.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) will award a standardized 12 points for each match won during the second round of the World Test Championship, which begins with a series of five matches between India and England in August. Teams will receive six points in the event of a tie and four points if the match ends in a draw.

That there will be changes to the points system was first announced by ICC interim CEO Jeff Alardika during a media engagement earlier this month.

“Instead of each series costing the same number of points, 120, whether the series is played in two tests or five tests, the next cycle will see that each game costs the same number of points – a maximum of 12 per game,” a member of the ICC board. told PTI.

“Teams will be ranked according to the percentage of available points they have won from matches played.”

The changes to the points system will have to be ratified by the ICC Executive Board in the coming weeks.

“The aim was to try to simplify the points system and allow teams to be compared in essence at the table at each point, even though they may have played a different number of matches and series,” the board member added.

In addition to the India-England series, the ashes later this year will be the only other affair of five games in the second cycle, which will end in June 2023.

Australia’s tour of India next year is the only series of four tests in the upcoming cycle. The nine test teams will play a total of six series: three home games and three away games, just like the previous edition.

In the first edition that New Zealand won after beating India in the final earlier this month, the ICC changed its World Cup qualifying criteria from maximum points to percentage points won by contested matches after many of the planned series were revoked to COVID-19.

During the last cycle, the value for each series was 120 points, with the two-series India-Bangladesh series having 60 points to win, while the four-match India-Australia series had 30 points to win.

“England will play the most tests (21) in the WTC-2, followed by India (19), Australia (18) and South Africa (15). The inaugural winners of the WTC New Zealand will play only 13 matches similar to that of West India and Sri Lanka, but one less than Pakistan (14), ESPNcricinfo reported.



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