The England players tried to distract us, but we didn’t listen: Deepti Sharma

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Photo of Deepti Sharma (left) in action against women in England during a recently completed one-off test.

Indian dough Deepti Sharmawho played a crucial role in Mitali Rajstole a tie in the one-time test against England, said that the England players were trying to “distract” us during the match, but “I made sure I didn’t pay attention to any of that”.

Deepty, who not only took three English goals, but scored an undefeated 29 in the first inning and a patient half-century in the second, told ESPNcricinfo on Sunday: “The English players made one or another after every ball, every end. So I made sure I didn’t listen to any of that.

“They were deliberately approaching us, trying to distract us. So as (bowling) partners (with Sneh Rana, who took four wickets for 131 tracks), we communicated after each ball to stay focused on the game.”

Regarding what gave her the confidence to score Sand 54 in the second inning, the 23-year-old said: “When I was in the first inning, I took confidence. All I focused on at the time was playing close to When I was sent once (during the second inning), I entered with a different kind of confidence to approach the day, session by session and according to the messages I received (from the locker room).

“The test match is for patience. You have to play with this one quality – both in wadding and in bowling.”

Imagineing her first appearance in India in nearly five years, Rana, who became India’s first cricketer, male or female, to take four leashes and mark half a century on her test debut, said she cut all the noise during the 104s. your running ninth partnership with a goalkeeper Tania Bhatiawhich seals the towing.

“We just said to each other that England are trying to say and do a lot of things to distract us, so we don’t pay attention to that. Tania and I kept talking after every ball, from a distance or up close. We were constantly motivated. and we said we had to do that, “Rana added.



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