The 2021 Tokyo Olympics will decide on spectator restrictions by the end of April

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Image source: AP

Photo of the iconic Olympic ring in Tokyo.

Tokyo 2020 President Seiko Hashimoto said on Monday that he would decide the spectator ceiling for the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games by the end of April.

“As for the spectator cap, we will decide on this by the end of April. In order to deal flexibly with a viral situation, including the state of emergency, we will work closely with the IOC, the IPC, the central government and the capital’s government in Tokyo to reach a consensus, “Hashimoto said during a meeting of the Tokyo 2020 executive council in the capital.

Hashimoto noted that she was well aware of the concern about the resurgence of the virus, as a state of emergency had been declared in Tokyo and three other prefectures, but there would be antivirus measures to address all possible problems that could be caused by the games. pandemic background.

“The state of emergency has been issued in four prefectures, including Tokyo. I am aware that this is a challenging situation, but we are preparing for various measures, expecting all possible situations.”

The government declared a third state of emergency on Sunday to limit the rapid resurgence of the coronavirus and to stop people from traveling and spreading the virus during Japan’s Golden Week holidays.

The emergency warning is scheduled to be lifted on May 11, about a week before IOC President Bach’s visit to Japan.

“I was surprised at how fast time flies, as there are less than 100 days (until the Olympics). There are still many obstacles we have to overcome, including the virus. I will not waste a single day preparing for safety. and a safe Olympics, “Hashimoto said.



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