Terminating the IPL is not the answer, insists Pat Cummins

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Pat Cummins

I turn it off IPL is not the answer, although India is struggling to control the health crisis caused by COVID-19, insisted the star Pat Cumminswho donated $ 50,000 to fight the terrible virus.

There has been a debate over whether the IPL should continue when India is facing a severe health crisis as thousands of people die from the virus.

Although some believe that this should not continue, one section believes that it was a happy distraction.

“I don’t think ending the IPL is the answer,” the 27-year-old said in an interview with WION news channel.

“We’re doing everything we can to make sure we don’t take any resources off the front line. I don’t think so (that’s the solution).

“Of course, there is the aspect that playing every night for three to four hours hopes to help people stay at home, because it was a difficult routine for them and we can help them get through every day,” he said. .

Cummins went on to say that looking at the second wave, groups have been set up in Australia to help the country.

“People in Australia would also like to help, so we plan to create something there to direct resources to some charity here,” said the world’s first fighter.

Asked about his decision to donate to the PM CARES fund, Cummins said: “I just talked to a few guys here at Kolkata Knight Riders and they were really generous in their donation to the PM CARES fund last year. and Bollywood superstar) Shah Rukh (Khan) himself donated (money) and this is the way. ”



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