Sushil Kumar cries in conclusion as police question him in the case of Sagar Rana’s murder: Report

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Image source: PTI

Photo file of Sushil Kumar (in a yellow towel).

After his arrest as the main defendant in the case of Sagar Rana’s murder, which saw him hide from the police for three weeks, the famous fighter Sushil Kumar cried when the police in Delhi interrogated him for almost four hours at the Model Town police station. , reported Livehindustan.

The report further clarified, quoting Delhi police, that the two-time Olympic champion had been awake all night and refused to eat anything and continued to cry all night.

Sushil allegedly added that his intention was never to kill Sagar Rana, alias Sagar Dankar, who died in a fight with Chhatrasal on May 4, but only to scare him by beating him. He also added during interrogation that he was in Chatrasal after the fight, but hid from Delhi after learning of Sagar’s death.

Police said they were investigating the case from different angles. “We are questioning Kumar to establish the sequence of events that led to the crime, as well as his whereabouts after the incident. He is also being questioned about his associates and friends who helped him hide. He will be taken to the scene to recreate the crime scene, “a police officer was quoted as saying by the PTI news agency.

To restore readers’ memory, on May 4, two groups of fighters clashed at Chhatrasal Stadium, killing 23-year-old Sagar Rana from injuries he sustained during the brawl.

Since then, Sushil Kumar, the main defendant in leading the fight, has been on the run. And last week, Delhi police announced a cash prize of 1 nail polish for a famous fighter.

It is reported that on May 18, Kumar filed an early bail in the Rohini court in New Delhi, but the court rejected his request for bail.

He was then arrested. along with an associate, on May 23 from the Mundka area of ​​Delhi, while driving a lap to a friend’s place to raise money.



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