Surrey wants to host IPL matches in England

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Picture of the home of the KIA Oval.

England’s largest county club Surrey wants Indian Premier League teams to play matches in England on a project that could cost tens of millions of pounds to improve their financial situation, reports the English tabloid Daily Mail.

Surrey’s senior officials hope to host the team’s Kia Oval field matches and other test sites.

The report also says that as soon as the pandemic situation improves, they intend to host official matches, while having an advantage over London, where American sports giants such as the NFL are held.

“We would like to bring IPL to London and other parts of England, “Surrey President Richard Thompson told Sportsmail.” We believe that this is the silver bullet in terms of reaching a more diverse cricket audience in this country.

“We could organize games the same way Jacksonville Jaguars, for example, play legitimate NFL games in London. The unexpected results that the Champions Trophy and the English Cricket World Cup are organizing were huge and we see IPL at this level.

“It can cost tens of millions for the English game. We’ve all lost so much money through Covid that we need to be more creative and provide cricket that generates revenue that you wouldn’t otherwise make. That’s why I think IPL is pointless. “.

Surrey is also trying to get the support of London Mayor Sadiq Khan, but it is unclear whether they have yet approached the BCCI.



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