Srihari Nataraj violates the Olympic cut “A”, awaits confirmation from FINA

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Srihari Nataraj violates the Olympic cut “A”, awaits confirmation from FINA

Indian swimmer Ace Srihari Nataraj on Sunday broke the standard time for A at the Tokyo Games by placing 53.77 seconds in the men’s 100m backstroke at the Sette Colli Trophy, but his participation in the Olympics will only be confirmed if FINA approves the weather.

Nataraj had come agonizingly close to breaking the A standard in the same event a few days ago, but missed it by 0.05 seconds after an effort of 53.90 seconds.

Nataraj’s efforts on Sunday set a new national record that was enough to reach the “A” mark for the Tokyo Games in 53.85 seconds.

During the tests, swimmers do not compete against other competitors, but get a chance to improve their time.

The swimmer from Bengaluru received permission from the organizers on the last day for Olympic qualification.

“Srihari Nataraj swam 53.77 seconds in the 100-meter backstroke, reaching qualifying time A for Tokyo 2020. His time in the time trial will be sent to FINA by the host federation along with the results of the regular meetings,” the swimming federation said. India (SFI), said in a statement.

However, the time must be officially approved by FINA, the world water sports organization.

“FINA will have to accept the timing result of an approved qualifying competition, this is done routinely at many accredited meetings; as in the recent case of the US Olympic team trials for the 400m freestyle.

“We are very excited about the A layoffs achieved by our swimmers as well, and we hope that this result will be considered by FINA for Srihari to join Sajan Prakash as a direct entry into qualifying (A cut) for Tokyo 2020,” he said. SFI Secretary General Monal Chokshi.

If Nataraj’s time is confirmed, the Tokyo Olympics will mark the first time two Indian swimmers will take part in the Summer Games after achieving a direct qualification.

Sajan Prakash, who made history by becoming the first Indian swimmer in history to break the men’s Olympic A standard in the 200m butterfly on Saturday, continued his purple patch by spinning 1: 49.73 seconds in the men’s 200m freestyle. .

27-year-old better bronze medalist from the 2010 Asian Games Virdhawal Khade from the previous score of 1: 49.86 seconds.

Recently, Prakash was a record. This is his third national brand this month.

On Saturday, he had achieved the record 1:56:38 seconds in the men’s 200m butterfly.

With the historic sprint, Prakas rewrote his own national record of 1: 56.96 seconds, which he had set last week at the Belgrade Trophy swimming competition.

Although this will be Nataraj’s first Olympics, the Tokyo Games will be held by Prakash, who set a new national record in the 200m freestyle, for the second time in a four-year sports extravaganza, representing India in Rio in 2016.



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