Sports Minister Kiren Ridjiju has tested positive for COVID-19 and says he feels “in good shape”

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Image source: PTI

Minister of Sports Kiren Ridjiju

Minister of Sports Kiren Ridge on Saturday he said he had a positive test for COVID-19 but was feeling “in good shape”.

The 49-year-old posted a development on his Twitter page.

“After receiving a second test for Covid-19, my report came out positive today,” Rijiju wrote on Twitter.

“I accept the doctors’ advice. I ask everyone who has contacted me recently to be observant, to practice self-quarantine and to be tested. I am in physical shape and I am fine.”

Ridjiju was in Utarakhand on Friday to open the Tehri Institute of Water Sports and Adventure.

State Secretary Tirat Singh Rawat, who recently recovered from the dreaded infection, was with him at the opening ceremony.

India has witnessed an unprecedented jump in COVID-19 cases, with 234,692 new infections reported in the country on Tuesday, the biggest daily jump so far.



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