Southampton’s World Cup final will help spinners: Monti Panesar

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Ravindra Jadea and R. Ashwin

Pitch in Southampton will help spinners who give India an advantage over New Zealand in the final of the World Test Championship (WTC), said the former left-handed spinner of England Monti Panesar.

The WTC final will be played in Southampton between June 18 and 22.

“I think the Southampton wicket will help the spinners, as well as the fact that the New Zealand players don’t play very well on spin. [giving India edge], “Panesar told IANS.

Panesar, who left everyone surprised by predicting a 5-0 victory for India in a series of five tests against England in August-September, has now said that 5-0 will not happen.

Panesar recently tweeted that pitches in England in August-September will help spinning bowling, giving India an advantage over England, which is struggling to play a spin in India’s recent 1-3 test defeat.

While dismissing his own 5-0 prediction, Panesar said India could win the series because it has quality tailors and beaters who have experience playing in stitching.

“I think this time it’s obviously about time, but also this team in India is much stronger. They have good tailors, they play better with the swinging ball and their spinners have a better chance of how to do well, “added Panesar.

“This [Indian] the team plays really good cricket. It won’t be 5-0, but they have a chance to win the series, “added the former left-handed spinner, who was one of the heroes for England in the 2-13 series victory in India in 2012-13.

The 39-year-old said the key to England’s success would be the performance of experienced duets by James Anderson and Stuart Broad.

While Anderson is just five wickets, missing 619 from Anil Campbell, the third-best spot in test cricket, Broad has taken 517 wickets in his test career. Their amounts are likely to increase after the series against New Zealand, which began at Lord’s on Wednesday.

“Although I think England are a good team in England, but against India they are all struggling against turning. So it will be a very interesting series. We’ll have to see how they like it. [England pace bowlers] Jimmy Anderson and Stuart Broad will perform, “Panesar added on the sidelines of joining GoNuts’ social media platform.

Panesar, who represented England in 50 test matches and selected 167 wickets, said India should play a left-handed spinner. Ravindra Jadea in Tests in England, as he expects to do well in English conditions. He had recently selected both Ashwin and Jadea in India’s XI game for the WTC final.

“Ravindra Jadea would do very well. He is moving away from India and I expect him to play well in English conditions,” Panesar said.



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